Noel Otten passed away on the 6 May 2019 after a long illness. Although Noel Otten may not have participated in any aerobatic competitions since the 1980's, he left a list of achievements that has had a lasting legacy for future generations of sport aviators. A consummate historian and passionate aviator, he set a new standard in aerobatics which transitioned the sport from a time when Tiger Moths were the defining aerobats to the more capable Pitts Specials. A font of knowledge, Noel was often seen mentoring younger aviators in all aspects of aviation and could be relied on for relating some of history of aviation. Noel will always be associated with Baragwanath airfield where he spent all of his flying days. Aerobatics piqued his interest early on and apart from winning local competitions, he went on to win the 1979 National Championships and actively promoted the sport. He also represented South Africa at the 1980 World Aerobatic Championships held in Oshkosh, USA.

Noel was one of the founding members of the current Sport Aerobatic Club and will always be remembered for his passionate dedication to the sport. RIP Noel.